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Welcome To The World Of Hand-Carved Organic body Jewelry
We are genuine producer of Hand Carved body Jewelry made of organic materials such as cow bone, water buffalo horn, wood and other materials that are natural in the environment, we make them into expanders, plugs,pendant etc.No animals are harmed and all of the materials are legally obtained. We also use bamboo, coconut shells as well as silver, mother-of-pearl and stones. With creativity, we hand carve these materials into valuable and exotic pieces of jewelry.

Some important info for my Web site visitors :

I don't just make web site and cheat other people designs ,photos and styles but I am a real producer, and working directly with carvers around my village,
I have a strong work relationship with all of my carvers with well production management system, well payment system.
So we can make anything we want, as long as they make sense in hand carved aspect. I am Wayan "Gelnik" Parnata , manage all of the production, starting from making layout of the products, make creative designs, get the materials and suppliers, like bone,horn-wood etc, distribute the designs for each carvers as each of the carvers has different talent and styles. some are good at making spirals , some are good at making floral etc. made this web site at 2008. and marketing the products.
I used to have like 40 team carvers, but since Covid 19 pandemic , devastated my business, and now I am working with like 4 carvers, but if someone give me order , I ask my old carvers to help me.
so we thank you for all the support for our business and their families.

Best regards from Me Wayan "Gelnik" Parnata and team carvers.

all wordings and web site created by Wayan Parnata,(Gelnik) tindik bali Owner© 2021

organic body piercing jewelry manufacturer direct from producer in Bali Indonesia.
tindik-bali jewelry are hand carved by very talented carvers. the designs ideas are coming from bali arts and cultures, like temples,shrines or ornaments and mixed with western ideas.

tribal brass hoops earrings

sono wood spirals super spiral gauge

brass and silver earrings

organic body piercing jewelry made of water buffalo horn with paua inlay or bone inlay, resin inlay etc we try to be always creative and develop our designs. We are direct producers from bali-Indonesia.

organic wood piercing
wood and bone flower body jewelry
horn tunnel piercing jewelry
most of our Jewelry made of Organic Material, Like horn, Bone and some with a combination of silver. and all our jewelry are hand carve by very talented carvers who are still my relatives and friends.more
bone carving bali
bone pendant jewelry
saba wood water lily plugs
water buffalo horn and bone are one of the best material for body piercing, as it strength and and easy to be carved with very nice color, and also they are very save to skin with highly polished.
horn hanging styles
Horn and abalone
Hand carve Bone pendant
hand carve organic body jewelry, used coconut wood , saba wood, jackfruit wood, palm wood, water buffalo " bubalus bubalis "bone or horn , "PINCTADA MAXIMA" or farmed raised white mother of pearl, coconut shell, & all materials are natural and legally obtained.more
We carve our Jewelry with passion and skill for our customer to enjoy
We use only safe and organic materials as a basic materials for all of our products, to guarantee high quality products rage. with our gifted and skill artisan and carvers, for our wood organic body piercing we use sono wood,saba wood, jackfruit wood etc. more
water buffalo horn
organic body jewelry
organic shell earrings
these earrings made of farm raised shell in Java island, and we make into beautiful earring that fit normal pierced ears. Gauged ears or stretched lobes are not needed
We continue updating our designs and maintain best quality products consistency, Keep looking for qualified wholesaler and distributor with best price offer.
Our goal is to have an order from you.

communicative and fast response for your inquiry, low minimum order, trusted and easy.
Do customs order and More designs available offline.

We change our web site look, we decided to close our design and showing to genuine buyer only. please email us for serious inquiry.

all wordings and web site created by Wayan Parnata,(Gelnik) tindik bali Owner
© 2008

Your purchase supports traditional crafts and families

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